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Terry Detrich, M.D. joins Samuel and Alexia Bratton Neurocognitive Clinic at Integrace Bayleigh Chase – The Caroline Circle

Easton, Md. (October 2, 2017) – Integrace Bayleigh Chase, a forward-thinking life plan community based in Easton, announces that Terry Detrich, M.D. is joining the Samuel and Alexia Bratton Neurocognitive Clinic on October 2. A neurologist who has practiced in the local community for over 40 years, Dr. Detrich will be joining medical director Allan [...]

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Passionate Memory: A Tribute to the Life of Glen Campbell

Country music legend Glenn Campbell recently passed away after suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease for more than six years. He was diagnosed by Dr. Ron Petersen after an extensive neurocognitive examination at the Mayo Clinic that included a FDG PET scan. At the time of his diagnosis, Glenn was already scheduled for a 50-state tour. His [...]

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Integrace Buckingham’s Choice Leads Yoga for A.L.L. Classes

Integrace Buckingham’s Choice, a forward-thinking life plan community in Adamstown, presented a free public event in Frederick that promoted the benefits of yoga as exercise for seniors at all living levels and their families.
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Cognitive Domains & Neurocognitive Disorders Explained

Each month we will try to focus on various types of neurocognitive disorders. Integrace has this passionate mission of spreading up to date neurological education for professionals as well as caregivers regarding various types of major neurocognitive syndromes of dementia. As we all know, dementia is a syndrome, it is not a disease. We have [...]

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Understanding Memory

Dementia is not a disease. In medical terms, a “disease” is defined as a health condition that has a clearly defined reason behind it. Dementia is a “syndrome” – a collection of signs and symptoms that could indicate several different underlying diseases or health conditions. This means that when someone is identified as exhibiting signs [...]

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